Blackmagic Video Assist

HDMI/6G-SDI Recorder and 5" Monitor

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Blackmagic Video Assist

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Product features:

With a bright 5 inch high resolution 1920 x 1080 monitor, Blackmagic Video Assist can
be added to any camera to ensure perfect focus and framing. The built in recorder
uses high speed SD cards to record professional ProRes and DNxHD files with incredible
quality and 10 bit color depth! Blackmagic Video Assist works with any camera where you
need better monitoring and more professional high quality file recording.

Shoot Better Video
Whether it’s a wedding, an indie film, or a television commercial, you need to make
sure your images are perfectly sharp and captured at the highest possible quality,
no matter what type of camera you use. The Blackmagic Video Assist works with everything
from DSLR’s to older tape based camcorders, and even the latest digital film cameras.
When you’re shooting a wedding, there’s only one chance to get it right and if you’re an
indie filmmaker, you want your film to look as good as a Hollywood movie when projected
at festivals. The Blackmagic Video Assist helps you make sure every shot is in focus and
gives you professional images with the quality used by major motion pictures
and prime time TV shows!

Professional HD Recorder
The Blackmagic Video Assist records your video at the highest 10-bit 4:2:2 quality,
which means that you get incredible color, clarity and detail. Files are recorded on
fast, inexpensive and readily available SD cards and saved as standard ProRes
HQ or DNxHD files so you can start editing immediately without having to convert the files.

Better Monitoring
You can mount it on cameras as a large monitor for the crew, hand it to the cinematographer
for composing the shot, or set it in front of the director to review each take.
The screen has a wide 135º viewing angle, which means it’s easy to see, even when
several crew members are watching. Plus, the image auto rotates so no matter which
way you set it up your cables always plug into the side you need them to.

Easy Touchscreen Controls
Use simple tap and swipe gestures to make adjustments

Portable All-In-One Design
Integrated on set monitoring and recording

Video, Audio and Power Connections
Connect to professional cameras, camcorders and DSLR’s

High Speed SD Card
Low cost, high performance storage

  • - Blackmagic Design Video Assist HDMI/6G-SDI Recorder and 5" Monitor
  • - 12V Universal Power Supply with International Socket Adapters

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