Glidecam XR-1000

Handheld Camera Stabilizer

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Glidecam XR-1000

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Dynamic Camera Balance Platform (Camera Mounting Platform)
Adjustable convergence, precision, three-axis Gimbal
No-tools Telescoping Center Post
Adjustable, inertial-control Base Platform
Foam padded Handle Grip
Precision Bearings at all vital points
Made with precision Aluminum
Anodized Studio Black
Laser etched Labeling
Allows unrestricted Booming and 360 degree Panning
Rubber feet under Base Platform


Designed for compact, low profile cameras weighing up to 3 pounds.
Camera Mounting Head Dimensions: 5.50" x 3.25" x .75"
Base Platform Dimensions: 7.81" x 3.25"
Central Support Post: .75" diameter
12" tall in shortest mode
16" tall in longest mode
Weight: 1.5 pounds without Counter Weight Discs.
Each large Counter Weight Disc averages 2.75 ounces.
Each small Counter Weight Disc averages 1 ounce.
The Glidecam XR-1000 includes 8 large and 4 small Counter Weight Discs.
8 large Counter Weight Discs = 1.38 pounds
4 small Counter Weight Discs = .25 pounds
Camera Mounting Plate has 1/4" mounting holes.
Base Platform has 1/4" mounting hole for optional LCD Monitor attachment.

  • - 4 x Small Counterweights
  • - 12 x Large Counterweights

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