32GB microP2 UHS-II Memory Card

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The 32GB microP2 UHS-II Memory Card from Panasonic is an SDHC
UHS-II compliant flash card with the same form factor as a full-size SD card.
It features a maximum read speed of 2Gb/s and a maximum write speed of
200Mb/s using the AVC-Intra200 recording format (excluding 1080/60p/ 50p).
A member of Panasonic's Proof 7 collection, the card can withstand water and dust,
shock and vibration, magnetic fields, X-rays, extreme temperatures and static electricity,
and also contains a safety fuse to protect against overheating.
Additionally, the card is equipped with a RAID-like error correction system to
protect data and CPS password protection. A QR code enables scanning and
identification and a Lifetime Counter notifies you when the card approaches
the end of its life cycle, which is up to 5 years. A convenient memo area lets
you add a note or label. The card includes a storage case. The optional AJ-P2AD1G
microP2 Memory Card Adapter enables you to use the microP2 card
in the full-size P2 card slots in camcorders.

Compatible Camcorders:
AJ-PCD2G AJ-HPX2000/HPX2100/AJ-HPD2500/
AG-HPD24/AG-HPX370 series/AG-HPG20


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