Verbatim SDXC 64GB Memory Card

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64GB eXtended Capacity memory card Class10

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Verbatim SDXC 64GB Memory Card

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Products Features:

The SDXC (SD eXtended Capacity) memory card is designed to handle
large volumes of data at high speeds and provide users with portable
storage and speed for their camcorders or digital cameras.

SDXC cards are able to handle significantly greater amounts of
information due to two advances in technology.
The exFAT file system enables the SDXC card to handle large volumes of
data while the UHS-1 interface transfers movies, videos and picture with
ideal speeds of up to 104MB/sec*

*SDXC UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed Bus 1) memory cards can achieve
the highest speeds only when paired with a UHS-1 device.
For devices without the UHS-1 interface the guaranteed minimum
data transfer rate for Class 10 will be 10MB/Sec.

Verbatim SDXC memory cards can only be used on SDXC host
products featuring the latest SDXC technology. PC or laptop users
need to download an SDXC compatible driver for the SD slot from
the Microsoft Download Centre. Compatible with Windows XP SP2
onwards and Windows Vista SP1 onwards.

Speed Class Rating:

The speed class rating is the official unit of speed measurement for
SD Cards defined by the SD Association. It is equal to 8 MBit/s,
and it measures the minimum write speeds based on
"the best fragmented state where no memory unit is occupied".

Class 10: Guaranteed minimum data transfer rate of 80 Mbit/s (10 MByte/s).

Capacity: 64GB
Write Speed: 10MB/Sec
Read Speed: 10MB/Sec

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