Discreet Pin-through Lapel Microphone

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Product Features:

Intuitive And Subtle
Omni-directional polar pattern
Removable Mesh Head
Ultra Discreet Appearance
Lightweight And Easy To Position
High Quality Performance
Low Noise Miniature Microphone Capsule
Low Handling Noise
Universal Compatibility
RØDE MiconTM interconnectivity system provides seamless integration
with a wide range of wireless systems
Includes mini-furry, anti-trauma case, spare capsule and PinMic tool kit.

The RØDE PinMic™ is a discreet lavalier/lapel microphone with an innovative
pin-through design that is not only easier to conceal than a traditional lapel
microphone, but provides greater mounting versatility.
Comprised of a cabled backplate and a removable omni-directional capsule head,
the PinMic™ is easily mounted onto any clothing or fabric by simply pushing the
backplate pins through the back of the fabric and sliding the capsule into place on the front.
The microphone backplate and cable are hidden behind the fabric, and the
capsule head can be easily disguised, covered or decorated to further conceal the microphone.
The PinMic™ capsule is discrete at only 9mm deep and 11mm in diameter,
and is supplied with both a black and an unpainted silver mesh head that
can be further camouflaged by painting.
The microphone easily mounts through any fabric up to 1.5mm (0.006")
thick without any damage to clothing. A longer pin version (PinMic-Long) is
available for mounting on thicker fabrics (up to 3.5mm/0.14" thick).
The microphone capsule is connected via a 1.2m (4') shielded,
detachable Kevlar® reinforced cable that has been rigorously strain tested to
ensure reliable performance.
The included mini-furry for high wind protection ensures quality recordings
in adverse environments, while the anti-trauma water resistant case provides
rugged and secure protection for the microphone, a spare capsule head,
the microphone cable and included accessories.
The PinMic™ is an ideal solution for film, television, video, theatre,
house of worship and anywhere where a high quality microphone
needs to be heard but not seen.
Knowing that versatility is paramount in any product, RØDE has
developed the MiCon™ connector system which provides seamless
integration between the PinMic™ and a wide range of wireless systems as
well as consoles, cameras and portable recorders.

  • - PinMic (1.5mm pins): Discreet Pin-through Lapel Microphone
  • - MiCon Cable Management Clip
  • - Anti-trauma case
  • - DeadMouse-Pin
  • - Unpainted Mesh Head
  • - Tool Kit

RODE MiCon-1

Micon Connector for Select Sennheiser Devices

RODE MiCon-11

Micon Connector for TRRS Devices and smartphones  

RODE MiCon-2

MiCon Connector for 3.5mm Select Stereo Devices

RODE MiCon-5

Micon Connector for 3-pin  XLR Devices

RODE MiCon-7

MiCon Connector for Select Lectrosonics Devices

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