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Product Features:

Ultra discreet appearance
Available in Pink or Black
Omni-directional polar pattern
Three axes of mechanical adjustment for perfect fit with malleable tube arm and
headband for finer adjustment
Lightweight construction for complete comfort
Corrosion resistant stainless steel tube arm
Low handling noise
Includes Mini-furry and pop filter / windshield
RØDE MiConTM interconnectivity system provides interface with a wide range of wireless systems

The RØDE HS1 is a discreet and lightweight headset microphone that provides clean,
clear and pronounced audio for any application where the microphone needs to be in
close proximity to presenter's mouth.

Subtle, ergonomic design including three axes of mechanical adjustment, a malleable,
ultra lightweight tube arm and headband, and the choice of either black (HS1-B)
or pink (HS1-P) models ensure the perfect fit and function for each individual.

The HS1's light weight, comfortable fit, low self-noise, minimal appearance and
user friendly omni-directional polar pattern make it an ideal microphone for film,
television, video, theatre, house of worship and live vocal performance.

The headset is connected via a 1.2m (4') shielded, detachable Kevlar® reinforced cable
that has been rigorously strain tested up to 10kg to ensure reliable performance.
Integrated cable management on the retainer body and an additional cable management
clip minimises visibility, while providing maximum mobility for the wearer.

The included mini-furry for high wind protection ensures quality recordings in adverse
environments, and the supplied anti-trauma water resistant case provides rugged
and secure protection for the microphone, cable, clips and included accessories and tools.

Knowing that versatility is paramount in any product, RØDE has developed the MiCon™
connector system which provides seamless integration between the HS1 headset
microphone and a wide range of wireless systems as well as consoles,
cameras and portable recorders.

The RØDE HS1 headset is designed and made in Australia.

  • - HS1 (Black)
  • - MiCon Cable (1.2m)
  • - MINIFUR-HS1: Artificial Fur Wind Shield
  • - CLIP1: MiCon Cable Management Clip
  • - WS-HS1: Pop Filter/Wind Shield
  • - Anti-Trauma Case
  • - Tool Kit

RODE MiCon-1

Micon Connector for Select Sennheiser Devices

RODE MiCon-11

Micon Connector for TRRS Devices and smartphones  

RODE MiCon-2

MiCon Connector for 3.5mm Select Stereo Devices

RODE MiCon-5

Micon Connector for 3-pin  XLR Devices

RODE MiCon-7

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