RODE HS2 (Lightweight headset microphone)

RODE HS2 BL Ultra-Lightweight construction for complete comfort

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The RODE HS2 is a low profile, ergonomic and lightweight headset microphone
that provides clean, clear and pronounced audio for any application
where the microphone needs to be in close proximity to presenter's mouth.

The result of an extensive and complete redesign process,
the RODE HS2B / HS2P features an adjustable corrosion resistant stainless spring-steel boom arm and headband
connected to pliable hypoallergenic silicone ear strips for maximum flexibility and user comfort.

Coated in a durable ceramic painted finish in either black (HS2-BL) or pink (HS2-PL)
the HS2 is also available in two different sizes (small or large) to ensure the perfect fit and function for any individual.

The headset is connected via a 1.2m (4') braid shielded, Kevlar® reinforced cable,
terminating at a gold plated 3.5mm TRS output with a removable locking nut
to ensure a secure connection to a wide range of recording devices and wireless transmitters,
including the RODElink Filmmaker and Newsshooter kits.

The HS2's light weight, comfortable fit, low self-noise, minimal appearance and
user friendly omni-directional polar pattern make it an ideal microphone
for film, television, video, theatre, house of worship and live vocal performance.

HS2 Headset Features

Updated low-profile ergonomic design
Ultra-Lightweight construction for complete comfort
Adjustable corrosion resistant stainless spring steel boom arm and headband
Flexible hypoallergenic sillicone ear strips
Durable ceramic painted finish available in black or pink
Available in small or large sizes
Omni-directional polar pattern
Low handling noise
Includes Mini-furry and pop filter / windshield
1.2m Kevlar reinforced braid shielded cable
Gold plated 3.5mm TRS output with removable locking nut

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