Verbatim 32GB SDHC Memory Card

Verbatim 32GB  SDHC Memory Card Maximize

32GB Class 10 Preminum Memory Card

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Products Features:

Verbatim SDHC cards offer optimal performance for your SDHC
digital camera or other SDHC slot equipped device. Featuring the
industry's highest performance rating (Speed Class 10 rated),
Verbatim's SDHC card offers superior video capture/playback characteristics
and fast photo upload/downloads to/from your PC as compared to lower
performing Class 4 and Class 6 speed rated cards.
Requires SDHC host device.
Class 10 speed performance rating.
Write Protect Switch prevents accidental data deletion.
Fully Compliant with all applicable SDHC Standards.

Product Description:
Verbatim’s Premium Class 10 SDHC memory cards offer top of the
line performance in the next generation of memory cards. Class 10
rated, Verbatim’s Premium cards are ideal for HD video recording and
high megapixel digital photography.

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