18.5" High-Performance HD/SD LCD Widescreen Monitor

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Features include:
1,366 x 768 (WXGA)
HD/SD-SDI x 2 w/ switched output
Embedded audio via the SDI and HDMI input
RGB-WFM Vector scope
Eco friendly with a LED backlight
Pixel to Pixel Mapping
Mono mode
Color audio level meter
RS-485 IMD remote
Worldwide 59.94 Hz /50Hz compatibility
Two-channel analog audio (pin jacks x2)
Audio monitoring via built-in speakers and headphone output
Markers and Blue-only display
H/V delay display
Various color adjustments
Customizable function keys
Calibration hardware interface for chroma and luma
GPI remote control terminal
Cine-gamma Film-Rec compensation function
Standard tilt stand, tally lamps, and Key Lock function
Standard screw holes for mounting
Quiet operation (No cooling fan)
Integrated power supply
Operates on AC or DC power

Inputs / Outputs
Video Input : 1 input, BNC x 1
SDI Input : 2 inputs, BNC x 2
SMPTE274/296M/259M-C/ITU-R BT.656-4 standard
Embedded Audio supported
HD SDI: SMPTE299M standard, 48 kHz, synchronous, 8 CH
SD SDI: SMPTE272M standard, 48 kHz, synchronous, 4 CH
HDMI Input : 1 line, HDMI x 1 (Type A terminal) , HDCP supported,
Embedded Audio supported, VIERA Link not supported
DVI-I Input : 1 input (single link)
Audio input : Pin jack x 2 (stereo)
Input Signal Level : 0.31 Vrms
Video Output : 1 line, BNC x 1 (through-out)
SDI Output : 1 line, BNC x 1 (switched out)
GPI : 1 line, D-SUB, 9 pins x 1
RS-232C : 1 line, D-SUB, 9 pins x 1
RS-485 : 1 line, RJ-45 x 2 (input, output)
Headphones : Stereo mini jack M3 x 1, 32 Ω, level adjustable
Speaker Output : Monaural 0.5 W
Tally Output (Display): Red , Green, Amber


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