Ultra Short Throw lens

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PANASONIC ET-DLE030 (Ultra Short Throw lens)

Panasonic's new ultra-short-throw lens ET-DLE030 enables large-screen projection
from a short distance.
Applications greatly expand for digital signage in show windows, stores,
train stations, and other locations.
Use the lens when the projector needs to be positioned far away from the screen
but large image size needs to be maintained.

Compatible Projectors:

PT-DX100, PT-DX610, PT-DW640, PT-DZ680, PT-DW730, PT-DW740, PT-DZ770,
PT-DX800, PT-DX810, PT-DW830, PT-DZ870, PT-D5000, PT-D6000, PT-DW6300,
PT-DZ6700, PT-DZ6710

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