Sony PXW-FS7 MK2 Kit 4K Super 35mm XDCAM camcorder w/ SELP18110G G lens (PXW-FS7M2K)

Sony PXW-FS7 MK2 Kit 4K Super 35mm XDCAM camcorder w/ SELP18110G G lens (PXW-FS7M2K) Maximize

a Mount Systems, Exmore CMOS Sensor, 4K, XDCAM, XAVC, MPEG-HD422

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Sony PXW-FS7 MK2 Kit 4K Super 35mm XDCAM camcorder w/ SELP18110G G lens (PXW-FS7M2K)

Quick View SONY PXWFS7:
Comes with SELP18110G G lens
Discover FS7 II, Sony’s 4K Super 35mm camcorder with E-Mount (lever lock), Electronic Variable ND, 4K/2K RAW and XAVC recording
a mount flexibility
Freedom to shoot and move with Electronic Auto Variable ND
E-mount flexibility extended
Super 35/APS-C power zoom for 4K movies
180fps High Frame Rates
4K Super 35 Exmor® sensor
RAW recording, Apple ProRes 422 and multi-cam with Sony's extension unit
Sony's remarkable smart grip
Easy to adjust, telescoping arm
Ergonomically improved viewfinder
Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe

E-mount flexibility extended
E-mount offers unsurpassed compatibility with both Sony and third-party lenses.
And for FS7 II there’s an all-new lever lock design.
Simply put the lens in place and rotate the collar until it locks in place.
A lens release lever provides added security.
The process of switching lens can be simplified to save time.
And of course, the E-mount can take cinema lenses and SLR lenses with a third-party adaptor,
as well as Sony’s E-mount and A-mount lenses. Whatever your lens requirements, FS7 II has you covered.

Super 35/APS-C power zoom for 4K movies
SELP18110G powered zoom lens delivers optimum performance in Super 35/APS-C movie-making applications,
starting at 18 mm wide-angle and extending through an impressive 6.1x zoom range with a constant F4 maximum aperture.

G Lens optical performance suitable for 4K throughout the zoom range.

Lag-free mechanical manual zoom for high-level, versatile zoom control
Refined manual focus operation for subtle adjustment
Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation helps keep images blur-free as well as minimising the need to boost ISO in low light conditions
Compact, lightweight design ideal for active shooting and when using gimbals
Reliable in challenging conditions with a sealed dust and moisture resistant design
You also have the choice of purchasing the FS7 II on its own (PXW-FS7M2) or with SELP18110G lens (PXW-FS7M2K).

Next-generation memory
Long-form programmes need media that’s both reliable and affordable.
As specified by the CompactFlash Association, XQDTM memory cards score big on both accounts.
Reliability comes from in-camera recovery.
You get very low cost-per-minute compared to CFastTM cards.

Sony’s G-Series XQD card extends these benefits with ‘EB Stream’ technology for a blistering 400Mbps write-speed and 440Mbps read-speed. 
Using our 256GB G-Series card, you can record approximately 45 minutes of 4K footage at 60P or 3.5 hours at 30P in 2K.
And when it’s finally time to swap out cards, it’s now even easier – on FS7 II the card protrudes by a more easily pinchable 8mm.

4K Super 35 Exmor® sensor
When it comes to image sensors, size definitely matters.
Sony’s Super 35 sensor delivers ‘bokeh’, the defocused backgrounds made possible by shallow depth of field.
A common technique for directing audience attention within the frame, shallow depth of field is far easier to achieve with a large sensor.
Other things being equal, a bigger sensor also equates to better low-light sensitivity and lower image noise.
And with bigger sensors, the field of view is wider for any given focal length lens.
With the FS7 II sensor, size is just the beginning.

RAW recording, Apple ProRes 422 and multi-cam with Sony's extension unit
To keep the PXW-FS7 II small, light and easily hand-holdable,
Sony engineers reserved some functions for an outboard module,
the XDCA-FS7 extension unit, sold separately. The unit adds significant capabilities:

Support for four-channel audio input and recording
The FS7 II supports four-channel audio input and, in applications such as interview,
this function enables the simultaneous use of an external microphone for recording ambient sounds,
the built-in microphone for voice memos by the operator,
and two optional UWP Series wireless microphones for voice of interviewer and interviewee.
In addition, using an optional XLR adapter, XLR-K2M or XLR-K1M – with two extra XLR inputs –
even more devices can be connected. And with FS7 II, the control cover now folds down flat to lessen risk of accidental damage.

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